You can control your dream!

You can control your dream!

Have you ever thought of how nice could it be if you can control your dream? The Bitbanger Labs has brought the idea into reality with the creation of the Remee or REM enhancing eyemask. The mask helps users fall into a state of “lucid dreaming” where they’ll be aware of their dream and could even control the experience. Sound unbelievable but it’s TRUE!

What is Lucid Dream?
Lucid Dreaming is the ability to consciously alter the content and control the narrative of your dreams. That means a dreamer can recognize the fact that they are dreaming and begin to exert a measure of control over what happens in the dream.

Great, but what can you do with it?

Well, you can make all the impossible missions into possible. But the potential benefits of lucid dreaming are truly limitless. Some  might have a lot to say about harnessing the creative power of dreams. Build skyscrapers in your mind, attack unsolved mathematical problems, or just try and figure out what happened at the end of Lost. [more…]

So how does it work?
Sleep stages are divided into two main categories: non-REM sleep and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, where dreams typically occur.  Over the course of the night a sleeper will cycle through the five stages of sleep a number of times with the REM stages lasting longer and longer towards morning.

In default mode, Remee targets these long chunks of REM sleep towards the end of the sleep period. Before bed, turn Remee on, fine tune the brightness of the lights (if needed) and then go to sleep.  Remee will wait for an initial long delay, usually 4-5 hours, until you’re in the heart of the heavy REM stages, before initializing light patterns.  After the initial long delay Remee will display light patterns for 15-20 seconds with a second shorter delay, default at 15 minutes, between each signal.  During non-REM sleep the lights are unlikely to affect you, but if you’re in REM sleep the lights will bleed into your dreams, presenting a perfect chance to become lucid.

Remee is the world’s first comfortable, affordable lucid dreaming mask.  It was designed and created by two friends in Brooklyn, NY who wanted to help other people learn how to control their dreams. The new invention is sold online at $95.00. Click here to buy.

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