You Can Buy The IPhone 6s Via UMobile’s MicroCredit

You Can Buy The IPhone 6s Via UMobile’s MicroCredit

Last week various telco companies in Malaysia has started marketing the registration and pre-order for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus as it is the most anticipated and advance iPhone currently. UMobile was one of the first telco companies to advertise the pre-order availability of these 2 devices. Today, UMobile announced that it offers MicroCredit scheme for both these phones.

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MicroCredit scheme allows users to buy a smartphone of their choosing with monthly instalment payments, similar to borrowing loans from the bank. With interest rates as low as 0.84%, MicroCredit is very flexible and making it easy for consumers to own the latest flagship phones without losing a hand or a leg.

MicroCredit offers consumers 4 options for the payment period,12 months, 24 months,  30 months and 36 months. Similar to when applying for car loan, you need to submit a photocopy of your MyCard, 3 months salary slip and 2 sureties to qualify for the scheme.

UMobile’s MicroCredit scheme can be applied via online or via any UMobile branches and distributors in Malaysia.

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If you are interested in obtaining the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus via instalment (especially when considering the heavy price), you can register at UMobile’s Page of interest here. UMobile has not revealed any information related to the cost of these 2 devices, however we will bring you the latest updates as soon as UMobile reveals them.