This Apple LightMac concept.

This Apple LightMac concept.


If you’re gawking at the picture above, ready to throw your money at Apple and take one of these units home, hang on – it’s a concept. And now that we’ve dashed plenty of your dreams, take a closer look at what could be in Apple’s future.

This is the Apple lightmac, a model that combines the power of desktop with a projected touchscreen. Developed by an industrial designer, Tomas Moyano, this technology aims to be a desktop computer that can double up as a tablet.

As evident from the pictures, all it’s made of is two brackets that project a virtual touch screen, a central component (looking somewhat like Apple TV) that houses the technical components, and a wireless keyboard should you use it as a desktop. That’s all there is to it.

The display projector brackets can be resized to provide a a customisable interaction – place the brackets further for a desktop experience and closer for one you normally get on your Apple tablets.

This Apple lightmac concept is a desktop computer unlike any other

The central component is said to be a core i9 processor that has 16 GB of RAM and a 24-hour battery life. In addition, it syncs with the other external modules (the wireless keyboard and the brackets) via Bluetooth 6.0. The other peripherals have a battery life of 12 hours.

The makers of Apple lightmac say the technology can hit markets sometime in 2025 – that’s only some 10 years away, right? But for now, they do offer us some exciting insights into what could possibly come from the i-device makers in future. If only we didn’t have to wait that long..