Sony VAIO Fit 11A Flip PC Coming Soon to Malaysia

Sony VAIO Fit 11A Flip PC Coming Soon to Malaysia

On top of introducing new mobile phones and cameras, Sony also unveiled a new addition to its VAIO Fit lineup of notebooks. With the unique multi-flip™ hinge to a wider audience with a new ultra-portable 11-inch version, it is suitable for students, travellers and professionals who are constantly on the move and need a notebook that can adapt to their situational needs.

Expanding the current VAIO® Fit 15A/14A/13A range, the VAIO® Fit 11A features an 11.6-inch Full HD touchscreen with 10 finger touch capability.  Like the existing VAIO Fit A series, the Fit 11A can be converted into three different user modes simply by swiveling the display over the hinge to laptop mode, tablet mode or viewer mode.

In laptop mode, users can focus on highly productive work, especially in an office environment, the same as any conventional notebook PCs. When converted to tablet mode, it is best utilised at home, for browsing the web, taking photos or taking notes with the digitizer stylus.  For viewer mode, this works best in presentations so that content can be shared and viewed with other parties. This makes the VAIO® Fit 11A a great companion for all the computing tasks you need to carry out throughout the day.

Powered with the latest Intel Bay Trail-M processor, the VAIO® Fit 11A is a versatile option for users who need a full-featured, productive PC. Featuring the iconic one line design embodied by the VAIO® Fit multi-flipTM family and a brushed hairline aluminium lid design with a diamond-cut VAIO logo, the VAIO® Fit 11A comes equipped with two USB 3.0 ports and HDMI port so it does not compromise on the notebook’s usability.

The VAIO® Fit 11A comes programmed with the VAIO® Inspiration Suite collection of core apps that aims to replace the necessity of pen and paper, allowing users to seamlessly capture, edit and organise content on their VAIO® notebooks. The VAIO® Fit multi-flipTMPC comes pre-loaded with a trio of apps to help users unleash their creativity: after shooting and reorienting images on VAIO Scan, users can then clip out the subject of the image using VAIO Clip, and write memos on top of the images with their digitizer stylus in VAIO Paper. This gives users the same experience as drafting or sketching with pen and paper and much more.


Incorporating the best of Sony’s digital imaging expertise, the Exmor™ RS for PC imaging sensor found on the VAIO® Fit 11A makes it possible to take high-resolution images of documents. Images are clear enough for the computer to recognise and tag texts in the photos, which works harmoniously with the VAIO Scan. The back-illuminated CMOS sensor also ensures that there is reduced noise in low-light situations.

Besides the Exmor™ RS for PC sensor, Sony has incorporated other technologies into the VAIO® Fit multi-flipTM PC such as the TRILUMINOS™ display for mobile and X-Reality for mobile, adapted from technology used in the Sony BRAVIA 2013 range of TVs. These allow for a more vivid reproduction of colours on screen and ensure the sharpest picture quality. The VAIO® Fit multi-flipTM PC is also powered to deliver dynamic bass and soaring highs without distortion with the ClearAudio+TM mode that uses a variety of sound technologies to deliver a superior audio performance. With one simple operation, users can enjoy music with the levels of sharpness and depth that the artist intended.

The VAIO Fit 11A is an addition to its VAIO Fit A series – 15A/14A/13A, which are currently available in Malaysia. The Fit 11A will be available in Malaysia soon in silver, black or pink options.

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