OK Google: Voice Search from Anywhere on Any Screen

OK Google: Voice Search from Anywhere on Any Screen

Google has rolled out an update to the Google Search app for Android with beefed up “OK Google” hotword detection during Google I/O 2014 conference recently.


Google Search 3.5.14 is beginning to roll out with a couple of major enhancements. First, Google is allowing users to enable the “OK, Google” hotword to be said from anywhere on the phone to prompt a voice search. So rather than having to be on your home screen, you can now be in Chrome or looking at photos and quickly kick off a voice search. The update even allows you to trigger an “OK, Google” from the lock screen. It works quite well so far in our testing.

To turn on the new hotword detection, head into Google Now, then scroll to the very bottom, tap Menu>Settings>Voice>”Ok Google” Detection, and then toggle on the options you desire.


The app doesn’t just bring new hotword glory, though, it also introduces Audio History. As the name suggests, Google is using your voice searches to create a history that it can use to make your searches more accurate. It learns the sound of your voice, how you pronounce words, etc.

In case that scares you on a privacy level, Google is letting you opt-out if you’d like. You can read more about this new Audio History at this support page.


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