Google Maps Trivia Game: Smarty Pins

Google Maps Trivia Game: Smarty Pins

Google is “putting trivia on the map” with a new geography quiz that popped up over the holiday weekend. Dubbed Smarty Pins, the game involves dropping a pin on a location corresponding with the answer of map-oriented trivia questions as an extension of Google Maps. While the game is perhaps best enjoyed via the main website, it is also accessible via Google’s mobile Maps apps for Android and iOS.


Questions vary by category and include such stumpers as determining the location of the building King Kong climbed with Ann Darrow in his hand. The topics cover current events, science and geography, and more. Starting with 1000 points, a point is deducted for each mile away from the correct answer your pin is dropped. Bonus points are awarded for speedy answers.


Is there a point to all of this? Not really. It’s just another fun little Google time killer that, if anything, might help you hone your skills as a map reader. Have you tried Smarty Pins yet? Go to on your browser to give this game a go.


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