GEO – Your First Step towards Personal Security

GEO – Your First Step towards Personal Security

Under the flagship of WayWay brand, M3Asia Sdn Bhd launches GEO, an amazing device in technology industry that will enhance user’s personal security level.

GEO Overview

GEO is a small and powerful device that tells you its location accurately by GPS. GEO works with a customized mobile application (“GEO Manager”) developed by M3Asia in house team, which fully unleashes strong features of GEO. A SIM card with enough credit for calls and texts is a must.


Key Features:[more…]

1. Locate your concern via GEO Manager

A simple click in mobile app GEO Manager, an automatic reply with location details will be sent from GEO. Know accurate location status in real time and it can also be operated by time interval, all automatically with your customized setting.

2. Two-way conversation

With inbuilt speaker and microphone, GEO works like a mini mobile phone. Up to four phone numbers can be programmed into GEO for speed dialing. Likewise, GEO can answer calls from preset numbers. By presetting a specific number, GEO can answer its call without ringing to perform live voice monitoring.

3. SOS alert

Simply press the SOS button on GEO when user gets lost or into any trouble, call or text alert will be sent to GEO Manager so preset number will be aware.

4. Geo-fencing control

A boundary around a particular area can be set in GEO Manager. GEO will send an alert when it moves beyond that radius.

5. Over speed alert

GEO Manager will alert you if GEO goes above a certain speed. If you’re lending out your car, you can know if it travels above the speed limit.

6. Low battery alert

Power LED will be flashing when the battery is running low, it’s time to recharge.

To secure the ones you love, GEO would be suitable for:

  • Elderly – Know where they wander
  • Cautious parents – Locate your children anytime, listen in and talk to them
  • Cars and vehicle locating – Small enough to keep
  • Hikers and travelers – Family knows their safety and location
  • Pets – Prevent pets from becoming lost or stolen

GEO, to some extent, will discourage its user from becoming the next victim.  “I believe that the GEO is a step in the right direction towards a better security alert system at the simple push of a button,” concluded by Lester, Group COO and Executive Director of M3 Group of Companies. 

GEO Manager is free to download at Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Besides, web version is available also at A SIM card with enough credit for calls and texts is a must for GEO.

Watch more WayWay GEO videos at:

WayWay GEO Introduction

GEO Manager Tutorial (Android Version)

GEO Manager Tutorial (iOS Version)

Key Specifications of GEO

Model P008 (GEO)
Size (LxWxD) 53.6mm x 43mm x 16mm
Weight 50g (battery included)
Battery removable/rechargeable 850mAh battery (3.7V)
Battery life 60 hours in sleeping mode and 10 hours in working mode
Charging voltage DC 5V/500mA (Micro USB port)
GSM Module GSM 900/1800/1900Mhz
GPS Chipset Latest GPS (AGPS)
Channels 20 channel all-in-view tracking
Position Accuracy 10 meters, 2D RMS
LED 3 LED indicators showing power, GPS, GSM status and other operation status
G-Sensor ± 2g
Altitude Limit maximum 18,000 meters (60,000 feet)
Velocity Limit maximum 515 meters/second (1000 knots)

M3Asia’s new GEO will be available in Malaysia at the introductory price of RM399 via accredited dealers. To find out more about M3Asia products, please visit

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