Facebook Save: Save Once, View Anywhere

Facebook Save: Save Once, View Anywhere

Since you’re not spending enough time on Facebook, you can now save things to read or view later … on Facebook.

On Monday, the company announced the Save feature, which allows users to bookmark things like links, photos or videos to view when they actually have time to sit down and enjoy them. It’s Facebook’s answer to Pocket and Evernote—sort of.


Unlike these other services, stuff saved on Facebook can only be saved and viewed while using Facebook mobile and Web services.

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Though the feature lets you bookmark things like pictures, it’s clear this is geared more towards news and information shared on Facebook—the stuff we usually don’t have time to check out when we’re quickly scrolling through the news feed. The company has put an increased focus on putting news higher in your feed than, say, pictures of Grumpy Cat.

Good on Facebook for calling this feature “Save” instead of “Read Later,” because, let’s be real, who has time to read it later anyway?

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