Apple TV Is Now On Sale For 179 Euros (RM845)

Apple TV Is Now On Sale For 179 Euros (RM845)

As promised by Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook last week , the new Apple TV is ready for purchase via the Apple Store. Apple’s fourth generation media, the Apple TV, will add a version of iOS with access to the App Store, giving access to a wider variety of content.

This new model also includes a command called Siri Remote which allows users to give voice commands to search and/or execute actions. The device includes an Apple A8 processor, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, and it cost 179 euros (RM845), which will begin shipping on October 30, 2015 onwards. The 64GB version costs 229 Euros (RM1081), but does not seem too interesting simply because the device is mainly used for streaming, hence impressive storage instead a big plus.

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The new Apple TV improves the quality of the Wi-Fi connection to 802.11 2×2, and interestingly is fostered by the fact that the Ethernet connection is 10/100. Apple continues to sell the third generation Apple TV for 79 Euros with easy connection to any new generation television set or a iMac screen. Apple TV also allows easy access to Netflix, Youtube, Music streaming and more.

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