An ORB Smart Ring

An ORB Smart Ring

Introducing the ORB ring, a prototype created by Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. that will hopefully take Blue Tooth to a whole new level.

The ORB functions primarily as a ring. When it’s in use, however, it can become an earpiece for answering phone calls. Your cell phone can’t be more than thirty feet away in order for the ORB to function. If you’re receiving a phone call, the ORB. will vibrate and show the caller id on the ring. If you wish to answer the call, you twist it open and place it on your ear, and if you do not then you just push the cancel button on the side.

You also would receive and be able to read text messages from your ORB ring (though you couldn’t reply), and you could set alarms and event reminders on it as well. The ORB will come in a variety of different sizes, allowing accessibility to anyone interested in purchasing one. It will also be waterproof, so you don’t have to remove it every time you take a shower.

This piece of technology is still being tested and we wish to see the real device in near future.

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