5 Things HERE Maps Does Better Than Apple Maps & Google Maps

5 Things HERE Maps Does Better Than Apple Maps & Google Maps

Formerly known as Ovi Maps/Nokia Maps, HERE Maps can now be downloaded on Android, iOS and Windows devices, hence accessible to various smartphone devices. Despite released after a year, HERE Maps continues to be the most underrated map service, taking a back seat to Google Maps and Apple Maps respectively. HERE Maps is indeed a better alternative to many as it offers various important features that Apple and Google has yet to implement.

With that said, here are 5 reasons why you should give HERE Maps a chance on your device today.

Offline Map


Google Map and Apple Map do offer offline maps as well but only to specific region and only under certain conditions. Most of the time , you have to use your own data chargers to view a specific location. With HERE Maps you need not worry about your data rates as you are able to pre-download a map of any location on your device, which brings me to  my 2nd point.

Offline GPS


This is probably the biggest reason to download HERE Maps as Google and Apple has overlooked this feature for many years. With HERE Maps you are able to use your device as a navigator without using your internet data or WiFi. Before getting into your car to navigate your car to a new place, you can pre-download the map and use this app as a GPS without any data charges.

Good traffic and transit view


Besides that, HERE Maps has arguably the best traffic and transit views in the navigation app market today.  Many would prefer HERE Maps traffic view over other apps such as Google Maps and even WAZE.

Indoor View


HERE Maps also offer indoor view and navigation to prominent buildings, including information on each floor. Although Google Maps has implemented this feature recently, it is not as smooth and efficient as HERE Maps.


New Picture

There are many alternative great alternative to Google Maps and Apple Maps  in Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store today, unfortunately most of those apps aren’t free. However, HERE Maps is completely free!!