The Dash – Wireless Smart Headphones

The Dash – Wireless Smart Headphones

For most of us who run or work out, music is an integral part of every exercise session. Even world class athletes have their favourite songs or type of music to listen to. However normal headphones can be woefully inadequate for the job. Cables tangle or get in the way, plus you have to bring along accessories such as a music player and fitness tracker. The Dash is an all-in-one solution for listening to music on the go, especially while exercising. It’s a pair of in-ear headphones that also function as a music player, fitness tracker, heart rate monitor and sports watch, all in one.

The Dash is a pair of completely wireless and discrete Bluetooth in-ear headphones. As you might expect, The Dash will play music through a Bluetooth connection, but it also has 4GB of built-in storage that can be used to store up to 1000 songs, letting you play music directly from The Dash.

It also has a lot of sensors built into it. These sensors will measure and track performance-related metrics such as cadence, G-force, distance and pace as well as measure vital signs such as heart rate, body temperature and amount of calories burned. The Dash will also keep track of your exercise goals and provide warnings for when you stray too close to the minimum or maximum limits for any particular metrics.

Switching Between Tracking and Music
While fitness is definitely The Dash’s main target market, The Dash is also useful as an everyday pair of in-ear headphones. The Dash will also work as a Bluetooth headset with the built-in bone conduction microphone. The passive sound isolation means that it’s also great for noisy offices or air plane flights. The Dash’s tracking and sound capabilities are controlled using its touch interface. The left earphone controls fitness-tracking features, while the right earphone controls music playback. The right earphone also controls The Dash’s transparent audio feature, which channels ambient sound into the headphone.

While most of The Dash’s tracking features will work without a smartphone, you’re still going to want to pair The Dash with Bragi’s The Dash app to make the most out of The Dash’s tracking metrics. The official The Dash app will be free on both Android and iOS, but The Dash will also be compatible with third-party apps.

Full-scale production of The Dash is scheduled to begin in November 2014.

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