How to prevent data breach from lost USB drives?

How to prevent data breach from lost USB drives?

Anyone lost your USB flash drive before? Are you aware that lost or theft of USB flash drive has become one of the main factors of data breach? Surely most of us who have lost their USB drives before were way more concerned about the data stored in the USB rather than the cost of the USB drives itself.

There are some precaution measures that can be taken, in fact, should be taken in order to prevent data breach from USB drives.  Remember these 3 letters SHS which stands for Safety Awareness, Hardware Solutions and Software Solutions.

[more…] 1. Safety Awareness:
– Protect personal information: Don’t save sensitive personal data such as your name, phone, address, credit card or bank account information to a USB drive.

– Keep home & business separate: Avoid using the same USB drive for home and office to prevent virus infection. Usually the security requirement of your office’s computer is higher than your home PC. If your home PC is attacked by viruses or malware, and you plug a USB drive to it would make the flash drive be infected. After then, when you use the same USB drive on your office computer, your business data is in great danger.

– Use 2 USB drives to transfer data: If you have to work at home, doing this will partly avoid viruses infection.

2. Hardware Solutions:
– Pick a USB spot: This is a good choice to avoid misplacing your USB drives. You may pick a USB spot in every place you usually go such as office desk, kitchen, car etc.

– Lock USB drives: You are able to lock USB drive either it is old model or newer one with its key lock. Lock it when you needn’t use it. Doing this will partly protect USB from being destroyed.

3. Software Solutions
– Virus Scanning: Use anti-virus software to scan and protect your computer. Keep the software up to date and scan your PC every day.

– Encrypt USB: If your USB drive doesn’t support built-in encryption, use a separate USB protection software program to help you encrypt your USB drive and data on it. This is one of the USB security solution. Do not need to spend too much but can be reassured.