GrabPay Officially Launched In Malaysia!

GrabPay Officially Launched In Malaysia!

Going cashless is easy with the new GrabPay! And no, it’s not just for credit/debit card users. This Grab Wallet also comes with GrabPay Credits, which you can top up at any time. The best part is, this payment method isn’t just for your rides anymore.

Where you can use GrabPay :

  1. Rides – No more waiting for change. Book your ride with credit/debit card or GrabPay Credits, and you can happily carry on when you arrive at your drop-off point.
  2. In-store purchase – If you find digging your wallet for change a hassle, we feel you. That’s why GrabPay Credits are now accepted at some of your favourite stores! View all Merchants 
  3. Credit Transfer – Just a few clicks on your Grab app, and you’ll be able to transfer GrabPay Credits to your loved ones.
  4. GrabFood – Satisfy your hunger and cravings and pay for GrabFood delivery orders seamlessly using credit/debit card or GrabPay Credits!


How to top up GrabPay using Cash


How to top up GrabPay via Credit or Debit card



Source: GrabPay