Fujitsu showcased the “New Generation Cane”

Fujitsu showcased the “New Generation Cane”

Fujitsu showcased its “New Generation Cane” at the Mobile World Congress this week. It is a futuristic walking stick that’s packed with Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.


The walking cane is potentially ideal for senior citizens. It comes with a companion app for your PC. You can use the app to program in a location, and the cane will guide its owner there. At the top of the cane, it will display green arrows when the person is walking in the correct location.If the user takes a wrong turn on the trip, the LED lights will transition to red and the cane will start vibrating to indicate an error. The user can look down at the display and watch the large green arrows guide them back to the correct direction. In addition, the GPS functionality and cellular connectivity can be used to track the user’s walking path through the Web application.

The Fujitsu walking cane also plays a part in health care as it also includes a variety of sensors that measure the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment as well as the heart rate of the user. The current prototype supports only two to three hours of battery life and Fujitsu will likely need to extend the battery life in future iterations of the cane.

At this prototype stage, there is no word on the pricing and availability of the device yet.

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