ChatSim the world’s first SIM card that connects the best chat apps without roaming or limits, even without Wi-Fi.

ChatSim the world’s first SIM card that connects the best chat apps without roaming or limits, even without Wi-Fi.

Three years after its official market launch, ChatSim presents ChatSim GB, a super-performing and innovative version of the world’s first SIM card that connects the best chat apps without roaming or limits, even without Wi-Fi. And from now on, in the new ChatSim GB version, it lets you surf the Internet with free and unlimited data traffic included on the best messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. The SIM card be presented as a world premiere at the MWC in Barcelona.

ChatSim GB is a completely new and different version of ChatSim Unlimited, born from the need expressed in these 3 years by our customers to have Internet as well as unlimited chat apps,”explains Manuel Zanella (41), founder and CEO of ChatSimWith ChatSim UNlimited, with compatible apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, etc.), you can send unlimited text messages and emoji in over 165 countries with the annual plan. If you also want to send photos, videos and make voice calls, you can buy multimedia credits. You can NOT surf the Internet and use other apps. ChatSim GB, instead, lets you surf the Internet and use any application WITHOUT ANY LIMITATION at unbeatable rates anywhere in the world. The messaging applications included (WhatsApps, Messenger etc. the same as ChatSim Unlimited plus others that will soon be enabled) can be used for free and unlimited, without consuming the gigabytes included in your purchased plan. The traffic is unlimited for everything: text, emoji, photos, videos, calls, etc.,” concludes Manuel Zanella.

This is the great innovation of ChatSim GB.

With the revolutionary new SIM card, the “Zero Rating” concept is being applied for the first time at international level.

“This is the great innovation of ChatSim GB,” adds Manuel Zanella. With this 2.0 version of the SIM card, in fact, we are the first real-life example of “Zero Rating”, or the practice of providing access to the Internet without costs at certain conditions.”

ChatSim GB is a revolution compared to ChatSim Unlimited because it introduces two great advantages:

1) Internet access at incredibly low prices.

2) Unlimited use of messaging apps (including photos, videos, etc.).

ChatSim GB’s coverage is perfect to meet the needs of travelers: more than 250 operators, in more than 165 countries. Just choose the Internet plan that best suits your needs. All plans include free and unlimited chat. In every corner of the world we provide you the best coverage and signal. What makes Chatsim so special is our roaming network: it is always on the move and available everywhere, even in places with difficult access.

Thanks to ChatSim GB you can keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues. Plus another 3 billion people around the world.

ChatSim GB fits any device. This innovative SIM card lets you surf and chat from your tablet. And with any operating system: iOS and Android.

ChatSim GB is All-In-One: the SIM card comes in mini, micro or nano size. This way you won’t have to worry to find the right one for your smartphone. Just connect to the roaming operator with the best coverage and you will always have top connection quality for surfing and unlimited chatting.

You can share everything with friends without limits by sending your travel photos and videos and calling anywhere with your favorite chat app.

Countries in zones 1, 2, and 3 are included in the offer.

ChatSim GB can be purchased online at and is delivered all over the world.


Source: Chatsim