• Experience 5G Showcase on 18-21 April 2019 at Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya

    When commuting needs to be made easier, safer and effortless, 5G-enabled smart transportation system can make it happen. With real-time traffic analytics and various smart features, vehicles can ‘communicate’ with each other and with other traffic devices, allowing for a safer drive, resulting in improved safety, increased efficiency and enhanced experience. TM is 5G convergence […]

  • Telekom Malaysia (TM) response to MCMC’s media statement

    Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has received 7946 complaints on Telekom Malaysia (TM) services which it increased 43% compare to year 2017. Due to Telekom Malaysia is the largest fixed broadband provider in the Malaysia, the government take this TM’s services delivery very seriously. These complaints included consumer dissatisfaction on pricing (21%), the lack […]