Binge Smarter with DOLBY DIMENSION at $599 (~RM2,505)

Binge Smarter with DOLBY DIMENSION at $599 (~RM2,505)

Dolby Dimension is the first wireless headphones perfected for home entertainment is introduced by Dolby Laboratories, Inc. to enjoy the new way to experience shows, movies, and music.

The selling price is USD 599, approximate RM2,505.

Below highlights of Dolby Dimension headphones:

  • The cinematic sound makes you feel every screen sound like the big screen.
  • Dolby LifeMix is a proprietary new technology central to the Dolby Dimension experience. Consumers may control how much to hear of your surroundings.
  • By One-touch, you may switch between your Bluetooth enabled devices. Switch easily between TV, tablet and phone to enjoy your entertainment.
  • Sound control by intuitive touch control. Just touch without picking up any remote: On and Off, play or pause, adjust volume, go forward or back and more.
  • With Dolby dimension app let you to have your own preferences setting.
  • Make calls and active voice assistants (Siri & Google assistants) by single touch on headphone.


In the box:

  1. Dolby dimension wireless headphones
  2. Power base charging dock
  3. Micro usb cable for charging
  4. Usb power adapter
  5. Carrying pouch


Touch control:

  1. Lifemix control (anc and transparency)
  2. Volume up/down
  3. Accept/end call
  4. Reject call
  5. Activate siri or google assistant
  6. Media controls:
  7. Next/previous
  8. Play/pause

Tech spec:

  1. Weight: ~330g
  2. Qualcomm snapdragon quad-core arm processor
  3. Qualcomm csr bluetooth processor
  4. Cirrus logic dsp processor

Wireless charger. Fully charge – 2 hours


More information: Dolby Dimension Headphones